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About Us

VAPTIO was founded in Seattle, United States, with one mission - to create a new vaping standard. As a well-known brand in the vaping industry, VAPTIO is made to serve and entertain users with ultra-high all-around quality, and is dedicated in pursue of sharing the success with our partner distributors from around the world.

Let Talk!

We are all ears: All inquiries, help request, comments. Reach us on Facebook(@vaptioofficial) or Instagram(@vaptiousa)!

Our Methodology

Extracting the mostfrom technology: Vaptio’s patented Accurate Temperature Control(ATC) technology controls temperature 5 times more precisly than regular temperature control technology. That’s why the true taste is fully under control.

Testing and Improving: There is no doublt that e-liquid manufacutrers are experts in creating taste therefore Vaptio collaborates with them to study how taste is effected by a device and then improves every aspect that is not perfect.

Allying with the best: Vaptio products are designed in the US, and manufactured in China by Shenzhen First Union, which is one of the largest e-cigeratte manufaturer in the world.Their experience and productivity ensure the top quality of Vaptio’s products.

Back to the Origin

We all know when it comes to vaping, taste is what you care the most. People change brands and flavors until they get that perfect taste experience. Vaptio is here to fullfil your fundamental need to be able to experience the clean true taste of the flavor you have chosen. Vaptio will bring you back to the experience of vaping as it was meant to be.

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