Autolock TechTM

Top Filling

50W maximum output

Five Different Wattage Options

5LED Display


1×3.0ml Tank
1XUser Manual
1x2100mAh Box MOD
1xUSB Cable
Charging time
Output Power
Battery Capacity


Box Size: 36*81*22mm
Tank Size: 22*65mm
E-liquid Capacity:3.0ml
Battery Capacity:2100mAh
Resistance of Tank:0.1-0.25Ω
Built in Battery design

When the cap is open, It will block the flow of juice to the coil

When the cap is close tightly, juice can flow to the coil, then enjoy your vaping

Screw the cap clockwise tightly
after filling, to avoid dry burn.

Powerful Function

Maximum 50Watts( 0.15-0.25 ohm)Lowest resistance (0.1ohm)Wattage levels:(10W-20W-30W-40W-50W)


power-on indication

Press fire button 5 times.
Lights flash three times.

battery indication

It will show the battery status through the number of lights after every vaping

protection function

Under the condition of low battery or short circuit, the LED will flash in red color

Charging:5V1A Charging time: 2.5 hrs

To know the current battery charge level, press the fire button once and the corresponding indicator lights up.

20% LED 1 lights on
40% LED 1 2 light on
60% LED 1 2 3 light on
90% LED 1 2 3 4 light on
100% LED 1 2 3 4 5 light on

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