WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Capt'n Paragon Kit
Capt'n Paragon Kit

Introducing the Capt'n Paragon Kit

The Capt'n Paragon Kit takes the Vaptio Heroes series to new heights with its premium design, massive vapor production and epic taste

production. The ultra-compact 220 watt Captain mod has a zinc-alloy frame and IML panel body. This allows for both a sturdy and

light-weight design. At the first glance, many vape aficionados assume this. The Paragon tank takes Vaptio’s Smooth Tech to the next

level. Mesh and strip coil options, enlarged airflow design, and larger 8ml fatty tank enable pro vapers to enjoy an unparalleled vaping

experience. Capt’n Paragon Kit – Enjoy endless taste options, cool smooth airflow, and massive vapor production.


Fire it up to the maximum throttle in only 0.005 seconds.

Go as low as 0.1 ohm resistance in bypass mode.

Take your Capt’n to the limit!

Paragon Tank Hot-Spots

Mesh & Strip Coil - Endless Taste Possibilities

Smooth Tech - Cool Controlled Airflow

Maxi-Watt Tank - Massive Vapor Production

Capt’n Comes in 7 Smart Color Options



Paragon comes with a 8ML “Fatty” our bulb glass tube.

2ML TPD glass tube for European countries also available. Paragon Tank – Vape your way!

Anti-leak O-ring Innovation

What is so special about the Vaptio Paragon Mesh Coil? PARAGON Mesh coil- Compared with traditional coils, mesh coils

have a wider heating area.This allows the Paragon mesh coil to evenly heat and absorb e-liquid effectively ensuring unrivaled

flavor and huge vapor production. What's more, the mesh coil has a longer life span. Looking for a new cloud chasing tank?

Upgrade to Paragon and use mesh coils today!

PARAGON coil(Mesh,DL)


The PARAGON Strip coil is a fire-new revolutionary coil from Vaptio. Made from Kanthal, Vaptio has innovatively developed the

heating membrane unit, whose structure can bring great surface adsorption so as to fasten the speed of e-juice absorption. It has

larger heating area and radiation area, making the heating more evenly and helping the e-juice to heat up quickly. Moreover, Vaptio’s

Paragon strip coil can also avoid the heat accumulation and the corrosion of heating materials. Compared with other traditional heating

wires, strip coil can easily load higher power. The large number of thin films formed in the porous has greatly improved the free energy

of the surface. On the combined effects of surface tension and van Edward force, it will activate numerous aromatic compounds in the

e-juice to achieve both large cloud and dense flavor, bringing an unprecedented vaping experience.

PARAGON coil(Strip,DL)


IML Technology – Vivid Colors, Endless Design Possibilities

In-Mould Labeling a.k.a. IML technology allows for the most intricate designs

to be labeled under a thin sheet of plastic giving it the appearance that it is

printed yet ultra-shiny, like a smartphone finish. The design never wears off

and the colors stay vibrant.

Redefining the New 220w Portability Experience

Everyone knows the idiom "Good things come in small packages." Vaptio's Capt'n Paragon kit

takes this meaning to a totally new level.Compact Mod, Pocket Kit – Powerful doesn't

always have to be huge.Capt’n Paragon Kit – Redefining the

versatile on-the-go 220w vaping experience.

A new Vaptio Hero has arrived!

Throttle from 0 to 220w in 0.005s

With Capt'n!

6 Intelligent Output Modes

Enjoy customizable and smart modes to enhance your

Maxi-watt vaping experience.

Smart ModeVW ModeTC ModeCCW ModeCCT ModeBypass Mode

1.3" TFT color screen

Vaptio’s Capt’n mod is not only our most compact

dual 18650 mod to date, it also incorporates a

1.3-inch color screen making it one of the

most versatile, easy-to-navigate

vape mods on the market.

Patented Anti-Leak

510 Connector Technology

Newly patented anti-leak design products your mod circuitry

from the rare occasion that your 510 pin well connector may

come into contact with E-liquid that may spill or leak.

Quick Charge System

Vaptio's quick charge doubles charging efficiency. It takes

50% less charging time to fully charge than before.

USB Upgradeable Firmware

Easily update your Capt’n mod with the important updates via USB

Capt’n Paragon Kit Exploded Diagram

PARAGON Tank E-liquid Filling

Easily re-fill your paragon tank in 3 simple steps.

Capt’n Paragon Kit Specifications

Mod Size : 75*33*42mmScreen size : 1.3" Color TFTOutput Power : 10-220WResistance Range : 0.1Ω-5.0ΩOutput mode : VW/TC/Smart/CCW/CCT/BypassBattery : 18650*2 External

Tank Size : φ25*49mmTank Capacity : 2.0ml / 8.0mlRating : 40-90W(Mesh Coil) / 40-100W(Strip Coil)Best Wattage : 60-80W(Mesh Coil) / 80-90W(Strip Coil)Resistance Range : 0.2Ω(Mesh Coil) / 0.15Ω(Strip Coil)


EU Version

1 * CAPT'N MOD2 * User Manual1 * Paragon Coil - Strip

1 * Spare Parts1 * Paragon Tank1 * Paragon Coil - Mesh (Pre-install)


US Version

1 * CAPT'N MOD2 * User Manual1 * Paragon Coil - Strip

1 * Spare Parts1 * Paragon Tank1 * Paragon Coil - Mesh (Pre-install)